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We are a small publishing house based in Charmouth, Dorset.
Our publications include:

  • Books: We publish both printed and kindle versions which include local guides to fossils, Jurassic coastal walks, Salisbury rambles and historical guides from the Monmouth Rebellion to walks in Bath.
  • Charts: A variety of fun educational laminated charts from dinosaurs, fossils, fish, birds and shipwrecks to the ancient stones of Avebury.
  • Tide Tables: which cover the coastal regions of Dorset and Devon & Somerset.  Tidal predictions in a clear format!
  • Luftwaffe : Aerial Reconnaissance Photography - over 1000 WW2 images taken of the United Kingdom & Ireland available - with a range published in a book.
  • Fossils: Fossil Postcards, Magnets (ammonites, belemnites) & Fossil Walks.
  • Greeting Cards: Iconic record album cover artwork.
  • Prints of Lyme Regis and WW2 propaganda posters.

Nigel Clarke is a local author and leads regular Fossil Walks along the Jurassic Coast and historical walks around the Cobb of Lyme Regis.  He has recently given talks on the Shipwrecks of Lyme Bay and the German Aerial Reconnaissance pictures taken of the United Kingdom during WW2. He is available to give public talks about the subjects in the books he publishes. If you are interested, please feel free to phone or email at the address below. We have a projector and screen for illustrated talks.

List of talks and lectures that I give.

Shipwrecks of Dorset and South Devon.
Illustrated talk with images of the wrecks that have gone down off the coast.

The Luftwaffe Archive of Aerial Images of the UK:
A talk about the lost Luftwaffe archive of aerial images taken between 1936-1942 of the United Kingdom.

Mary Anning and the Jurassic Coast:
A talk about Mary Anning her fossils  and the Jurassic Coast

If you are interested in a talk then please contact me. All the talks are illustrated

The talklasts about one hour with illustrated slides and samples of the fossil that can be found along the Jurassic Coast

If you require any information on our publications or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Alternatively, please send an email with your order and we will send a paypal invoice request.

We supply retail outlets with bulk orders of all our products.  Please contact us for further details.

Contact: nigel@njcpublications.co.uk
Phone:  01297 561577
Mobile:  07808 321438


Tide Times for: East Devon & West Dorset 2019
The tables contain three predictions. Lyme Regis, Exmouth & Portland.
They show high and low water.  £2.50 which includes postage.

Tide Times for: Somerset 2019
Ideal for those going surfing covers the whole coastline.
£2.50 which includes postage

Mary Anning 1799-1846: A Life on the Rocks. (Printed Edition £5.00)
A new title available as a printed and kindle edition.
An account of the life of Mary Anning, the discovery of an ichthyosaur and her contribution to the science of paleontology.  Mary Anning was born in Lyme Regis and died in poverty.

The Duke of Monmouth's West Country Rebellion of 1685.
Available only as a kindle edition.
An account of the peasants rebellion of 1685 led by Robert "The Duke of Monmouth" and the notorious Judge Jeffrey Bloody Assizes.  Monmouth was subsequently beheaded at the Tower of London.

An Account of Weymouth, Portland and the Chesil Beach.
Available only as a kindle edition.

A historic guide to Weymouth and the Isle of Portland Bill and the myths and legends surrounding. There is also a section on the unique pebble Chesil Beach on Dorset's Jurassic coast .

The Unusual Guide to Bath.
Only available as a kindle Edition.
Fun walking guide to the historic city of Bath.  Our best selling kindle book incl. USA!. Bath is a great city to explorer on foot and the guide covers the Roman baths, Beau Nash and Jane Austen.

Shipwreck Chart of Lyme Bay. £2.50
A laminated shipwreck chart that shows the position of 79 wrecks to be found in Lyme Bay.
On the back is the date of the sinking of the shipwreck, type of ship and cargo carried.
Lyme Bay has numerous shipwrecks from battleships to submarines.

Luftwaffe Aerial Reconnaissance Photographs of England,Scotland and Wales
Hardback:  224 pages
Cover Price:  £14.99
Author:  Nigel J. Clarke

In the first years of the Second World War, and the years leading up to it, Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to undertake a secret aerial reconnaissance of the United Kingdom (and all of Europe) in preparation for an invasion. After the collapse of the Third Reich, the race to salvage the secrets of Hitler’s huge intelligence gathering operation began. The Luftwaffe archive was of extreme value both to the west and the Soviet Union and competing Soviet and Allied intelligence operatives searched desperately in the debris of the Third Reich for archive of the Luftwaffe.
In June 1945, British intelligence Unit stumbled upon 16 tons of reconnaissance pictures in a barn at Bad Reichenall, deep in the forests of Bavaria. The entire cache was transported and flown back to Britain. There were no announcements and few people were aware of this major discovery. The archive was classified as top secret and disappeared into the vaults of CIA and the British secret service.
Fragments of this unique record did leach out and in 1974 the entire Luftwaffe archive was declassified and free for public access.
The book contains numerous images of the United Kingdom taken by the Luftwaffe and a history and background to this unique window on a Britain captured in the past.
Nigel J Clarke

2 NEW SHIPWRECK CHARTS NOW AVAILABLE:£2.50 (includes postagein UK)
The East Dorset Shipwreck Chart  & The South Devon Shipwreck Chart
The charts are laminated and printed on the back and front.  The charts list the shipwrecks in the area together with the GPS position, type of vessel  and cargo. A great guide to the marine history of our coast.

Size 42cm x 30cm. New chart displays the wrecks and details of the vessels.

SHIPWRECK CHART OF SOUTH DEVON (£2.50 includes UK postage)
Size 42cm x 30cm. The chart gives details of the size, gps and a graphic
location of the wrecks.


TEL:  01297 561577
MOBILE:  07808 321438
EMAIL: nigel@njcpublications.co.uk

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